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Why Your Company Needs Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

  • Covers the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which could damage your reputation and business.
  • You can choose the policies that will keep you protected.
  • Ensures business activities are effected as little as possible.
  • Presents a duty of care to your employees, clients and members of the public.
  • You know that should anything happen, you have a team of specialists who can protect you financially.

We’ve spent time creating relationships with an array of top-rated UK insurers, allowing us to negotiate prices and policies on your behalf.

We can gauge your business and position, ensuring your policy protects you should the worst happen.

We haven’t just got your back, we’ve got you covered. JonSimon Insurance can provide you with a range of directors insurance policies, including cover needed for breach of duties.

In a single policy, our Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

  • Director & Officer Liability
    Provides financial protection against claims of professional negligence, defamation and breaches of trust, as well as the costs of company investigations.
  • Corporate Liability
    Protects you against claims made by shareholders, investors and HMRC and covers any investigations associated with corporate manslaughter.
  • Entity Employment Practice Liability
    Covers you against claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, loss of employee data and training and/or programme costs linked to any claims.
  • Employee Dishonesty
    Relates to fraudulent activities and the costs of restoring data, as well as rewriting and amending software to prevent similar events occurring in the future.
  • Life is not predictable, so don’t leave things to chance. Ensure that you are fully-protected with Officer Insurance from JonSimon Insurance. Whether you’re looking for specific policies or wondering how you’ll cope with claims and compensation, we will advise and support you throughout the whole process.

    Be in charge of your fate by calling us today on 0161 327 0744 or visiting our office for an informative and valuable chat about your options.

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