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Why You Need Personal Insurance

  • Protects yourself, your family and the belongings that make up your life together.
  • Covers the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which could be financially devastating otherwise.
  • Allows you to pick and choose the policies that will ensure everyone and everything is covered, with room for expansion.
  • Money won can be put toward unpaid debts or added to a savings account.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that should the worst occur, a specialist team are on hand to restore normality to your life.

What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance is the collective name for insurance policies that relate to personal risk. Personal insurance usually applies to things that will be of real value to you, from possessions you use every day such as your car to the place you call home to events that you look forward to such as family holidays. We’re all prone to the odd accident or stroke of bad luck which is why these policies are so great because they can be there as a buffer for you and your loved ones.

Householding Building & Contents Insurance, for example, is great if you’re worried about your home being burgled, or the possessions within it. such as laptops, TVs or jewellery, getting stolen or damaged, either by accident or as a result of a fire or storm.

Travel Insurance is perfect if you’re going abroad soon and want to make sure that, should the worst happen and your holiday is cancelled or the travel company you’re flying with goes into financial difficulty, you’ll be covered. While you’ll obviously be disappointed you’re not going on a well-earned break you can rest assured knowing that you won’t lose out on all the money you spent on flights and hotels.

Personal insurance policies can also cover more specific needs. For example, if you have a vintage car that you’ve spent time and money on then Classic/Collectors Car Insurance can protect you if you’re involved in a crash or your car is damaged.

At JonSimon, we’re not into scaremongering tactics of any kind but we would recommend you at least consider some of these personal insurance products, especially if you’re worried about breaking personal possessions by accident or you want to ensure your holiday home is covered when you’re not there. It’s just nice to have some reassurance that if things go wrong you’ll be protected in the form of a lump sum.

In our experience chatting with clients, it can be hard to work out which selection of policies are the right ones for you. We understand this confusion at JonSimon which is why we’ll cut out all the jargon and speak to you in plain English so you have a clear idea about what it is you’re getting and how it’ll benefit you.

What Insurance Will You Need?

The type of personal insurance that you need will differ greatly depending on your situation. For instance, if you suffer from pre-existing conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes, then you might want to consider Life Insurance. Or, if you’re a business owner who relies on a van to pay bills and feed family members then Commercial Van Insurance might be worth investing in to save you if the worst happens and you need financial help.

Since we started helping people with their insurance way back in 2008, we have helped countless people with their insurance policy plans and have encountered all sorts of different personal circumstances. Each customer that walks through the doors of our Manchester city centre office enjoys a bespoke process and a friendly approach. We passionately believe that insurance shouldn’t be daunting or intimidating and we’re confident that after you’re done speaking to our team you’ll feel empowered to pick the policies that work best for you.

The great thing about a personal insurance plan with JonSimon is that you can pick and choose a selection of relevant insurance policies so that family members, loved ones and items you hold dear are covered from a wide range of eventualities such as mental health issues, accidental damage, death, car accidents, cancelled holidays and much more.

Here at JonSimon, our process involves gathering a specialist team of personal insurance experts to help you pick and choose the policies that you need to protect you from financial hardship as a result of incidents or events that weren’t your fault.

We’ve spent time building relationships with trusted UK insurers, ensuring we provide you with fair policies and prices. We also know this market inside and out, so you know that should life take an unexpected turn, we can turn it back around.

We haven’t just got your back, we’ve got you covered. JonSimon Insurance can help you choose from a vast range of personal family insurance policies, including cover needed for travelling, boats and caravans.

In a single policy, our Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

  • Household Buildings & Contents house insurance
    The home is the centre of a family’s life, as it's where people come together and it's where your children will grow up. Should your home and personal possessions be stolen, damaged or destroyed by flood, fire, subsidence or lightening, then this will compensate you and provide alternate accommodation should you need it.
  • Commercial Van Van insurance
    Your commercial van is often the lifeblood of your business, and without it, you could suffer greatly no matter what trade or industry you're in. Our Commercial Van Insurance protects your van from damage, theft and fire, as well as breakdowns, travel outside the UK and goods in transit. A replacement van will also be provided.
  • Car Insurance car insurance
    You work hard to be able to afford a car that can provide you and your family members the opportunity to travel and get on with daily activities. Our Car Insurance covers you should your car be damaged or stolen, or causes injury and harm to others and their property. Breakdown cover is also included.
  • Private Car Insurance van insurance
    Similar to our standard Car Insurance, our Private Car Insurance includes other things that might be important to you such as replacement locks, glass damage and protection in case personal belongings are stolen or damaged.
  • Classic/Collectors Car restaurant insurance
    Your classic car is your pride and joy. You pour countless hours of hard work into ensuring it works perfectly. This hard work and dedication are why you should consider this type of insurance in case something happens to your classic car. Our insurance protects your cherished vehicle(s) at rallies, shows and clubs, pays for necessary modifications and compensates in the event of accidental damage, fire and theft.
  • Caravan Van insurance
    Covers your caravan from fires, floods and storms, as well as theft and accidental damage. Cover abroad is also available. Your caravan is your passport to fantastic holidays and memories across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and beyond, into mainland Europe. It is also a very expensive investment which is why Caravan Insurance is a good idea to consider.
  • Boat Insurance ferry in hands
    When taking your boat out onto the high sea you want to relax knowing that the boat, you and your loved ones on there are covered if something should happen. Our boat insurance includes loss or damage in the forms of theft, fires, explosions and malicious acts, as well as third-party claims made against you. Injury and fatalities can be included too.
  • Personal Accident compensation claim
    Provides compensation should you suffer from a serious injury or death following an accident.
  • Travel Insurance Travel Insurance
    Should your trip be cancelled, cut short, delayed, incur medical expenses or you lose your passport, travel documents, money and personal belongings, then you’ll be compensated. This insurance will allow you to look forward to your well-deserved holiday, safe in the knowledge that you're protected if you're unable to go or something happens while you're there.
  • Holiday Home house subsidence
    You've worked hard in life to be able to afford a luxury holiday home, and you shouldn't then have to deal with an expensive fall out should something happen that wasn't your fault. Our Holiday Home Insurance protects your holiday home and its fixtures, fittings and possessions from fire, flood and theft. If you hire staff or rent the place out, then liability in terms of injury and illness is included.
  • Life Insurance insurance contract
    Should you pass away during your policy, your family will get a cash sum to help them with living expenses. This policy allows you to focus on your loved ones knowing that they will be looked after when you pass away.
  • Where Can I Find A Policy?

    You can find a mix of great policies right here at JonSimon! Get in touch with our team today and we’ll look to provide you with a range of options. We work hard to cut through the insurance jargon and ensure you’re always aware of what it is you’re signing up for. There is nothing worse than an insurance company talking at you and not giving you time to digest information or think things through. We’ll work at your speed and at times that suit you – life is busy enough as it is after all! We recognise the need to be flexible which is why our team will always be on hand at a convenient moment.

    Get In Touch

    If you’re looking for a selection of personal insurance policies such as travel insurance, personal accident cover, car insurance or a range of the other insurance products that we offer then be sure to get in touch with us here at JonSimon. Our breadth of experience and dedication to high levels of customer service makes us confident that we’re able to help you manage your personal insurance plan no matter what your circumstances are.

    We work in the North West and have an office in the great city of Manchester, so if you’re in that area or the surrounding areas including Stockport, Salford or Bury then do not hesitate to call us on 0161 327 0744 to discover how we can help you.

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