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  • Covers the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which otherwise could be detrimental to you, your reputation and your portfolio.
  • Allows you to choose the policies that will keep your properties protected.
  • Traditional Home and Buildings Insurance is not enough and won’t cover you against many of the issues mentioned below.
  • Not only shows a duty of care to your tenants, local area and members of the public, but protects you should they cause you harm.
  • You’re safe in the knowledge that should the worst occur, you have a team of experts who can restore your properties back to their former glory.

By building and maintaining partnerships with a whole host of top-rated UK insurers, we can negotiate suitable policies and prices. Our understanding of the commercial and residential property markets further guides our discussions, ensuring your policy is the right one for you.

We haven’t just got your back, we’ve got you covered. JonSimon Insurance are specialists in selecting the right landlord’s property insurance policies for you, including cover needed for employer liability.

In a single policy, our Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

  • Buildings Insurance
    Covers the cost of structural damage to your property, including that which affects the walls, ceilings, doors, windows and the roof. Garages and fences can also be included.
  • Day One
    If inflation increases the Reinstatement Value between policy start date/renewal and incident date, this covers you against losses for commercial properties.
  • Index Linking
    A policy that reflects inflation, whereby the sum insured is adjusted with rises in costs. This is typically for residential properties.
  • Landlord Contents
    Protects furnishings that you have provided such as carpets, beds, TVs and sofas against damage and theft.
  • Property Owners Liability
    Covers claims concerning personal injury or damage made by a member of the public while on your premises.
  • Loss Of Rent
    There may be times when you can’t rent your property out, for example, if it’s accidentally damaged, or destroyed. This covers the rent you would have made had the building been operational.
  • We also offer optional extras for our Landlord’s insurance. Our range of additional covers include:

  • Legal Expenses
    Covers the costs associated with legal action, court proceedings and defence made against you, or that you make against your tenants.
  • Terrorism
    Should your property be attacked and becomes inhabitable, this covers building damage, provision of alternative accommodation and loss of rent.
  • Rent Guarantee Cover
    For residential landlords, this compensates you for any rent your tenants are unable to pay.
  • Tenant Referencing
    Background checks are always recommended to ensure you know exactly who is moving into your property. We can look into a potential tenant’s employment status, current debt and evictions for example.
  • Business Interruption Insurance
    Covers you should your property be damaged by flood, fire, riot or a hazardous event impacts the local area making your premise unfit for use.
  • Accidental Damage
    Protects your property’s floors, fixtures and fittings, for example from carpet spills, balls thrown through windows and unexpected roof leaks.
  • Personal Accident
    Personal accident cover gives you peace of mind knowing that you'll be covered if something unfortunate happens that it isn't your fault. It provides compensation should you suffer from a serious injury or death following an accident.
  • Employer Liability
    Covers injury, illness or disease claims made by employees who work at your property, such as gardeners, handymen or building managers.
  • Subsidence Cover
    Protects your property from damage that occurs due to subsidence, ground heave and landslips.
  • Life is not predictable, so don’t leave things to chance. Ensure your properties are fully-protected with Landlord’s Insurance from JonSimon Insurance. From organising your policy to handling claims and compensation, we will build a safer future for your properties together.

    Want to learn more? Call us today on 0161 327 0744 to find out how we can help you, or come say hello at our office to discuss your needs.

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