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Why You Need Office Contents Insurance

  • Covers the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which could be damaging to you and your company.
  • No two offices are the same and you can even choose industry-specific and office-type policies.
  • Allows business activities to continue so as not to impact profitability.
  • Presents a duty of care to your employees, clients and members of the public.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that should something bad happen, a team of experts can make it right.

Due to the relationships we’ve built with a variety of leading UK insurers, we can negotiate suitable prices and policies. Our all-encompassing knowledge of the market allows us to evaluate your needs, ensuring your policy protects your office and all within it.

We haven’t just got your back, we’ve got you covered. JonSimon Insurance can help you pick out the right insurance policies for your office, which may include cover needed for acts of terrorism.

In a single policy, our Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

  • Building Insurance
    Protects your office against accidental damage, subsidence, costs charged by emergency services and rent needed should your office become inhabitable.
  • Contents Insurance
    Covers the costs of replacing office equipment, furniture and data should they be damaged, lost or stolen. Should you wish to replace keys following a theft or robbery then this is covered too.
  • Public And Product Liability
    Protects your business against claims of injury, damage or loss made by members of the public, including those that are a result of defects and bad workmanship.
  • Employer Liability
    Covers any compensation claimed due to injuries or illnesses (both physical and mental) that your staff suffer as a result of doing their jobs.
  • Business Interruption
    Covers the loss of profits should you be unable to trade, perhaps due to a fire, flood, property damage or issue with a supplier.
  • Glass
    This includes replacing display windows, fixtures, fittings, frames and frameworks and covers boarding up costs too.
  • All Risks On Fixed Signs
    Covers any damage done to neon, illuminated or glass signs, replacing lettering, painting, or embossing to restore them.
  • Goods In Transit
    Protects office contents and stock while in transit in vehicles owned, leased or hired by you.
  • Loss Of Money
    Should money be lost or stolen while in transit, in a safe, on your premises or taken by an unauthorised employee, this will return the funds to you.
  • Personal Accident
    If you or named staff become ill or injured resulting in missed work days, then this will cover medical expenses, corrective surgery and disablement. It can also cover loss of limbs and death.
  • Specified All Risk
    Protects specified items against loss, damage or theft when moved between offices, taken to events or used in international locations.
  • Terrorism
    Protects your office from damage caused by acts of terrorism, including loss of money and that done to the structure and contents.
  • Equipment Breakdown
    Covers accidents, breakdowns, contamination and damage done to office equipment, as well as the costs of restoring data and hiring replacement equipment.
  • Life is not predictable, so don’t leave things to chance. Ensure your office is fully-protected with Office Insurance from JonSimon Insurance. From discussing your policy options to dealing with claims and compensation, we will guide and support you throughout the whole process.

    From one office to another. Why not visit ours for a friendly and beneficial chat about your requirements. Dialling 0161 327 0744 works too.

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