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Why You Need Traders Insurance

  • It is a legal requirement that applies to mechanics, dealers, valets and anyone operating a business in motor trade, and we can help you select the policies that will keep you protected.
  • Covers the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which otherwise could be detrimental to your business.
  • Unforeseen circumstances will impact business activities as little as possible.
  • Shows responsibility toward your employees, clients and members of the public, as well as their property.
  • Should the worst occur, you’ll have a team of specialists ready and willing to get your business back on track.

We’ve formed glowing partnerships with an array of top-rated UK insurers, allowing us to select the best policies and prices for you. Our extensive knowledge of the motor trade market ensures we fully understand your needs, ensuring you leave with a policy you can trust.

We haven’t just got your back, we’ve got you covered. JonSimon Insurance are specialists in providing a range of motor trade insurance policies, including cover needed for personal accidents.

We offer two main types of Motor Trade Insurance – Road Risk and Combined.

The Road Risk policies we provide are as follows:

  • Third Party Only
    Third Party Only Insurance protects you and any other named driver should you accidentally injure or kill other people, or damage their property.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
    Provides the same cover as Third Party Only, with the added benefit of protection from fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive
    Comprehensive insurance along with Third Party Fire & Theft, includes injuries that you, yourself suffer.
  • We also provide Combined Motor Trade Insurance Policies for our clients. These policies can include:

  • Property Insurance
    Covers premises damage, theft, stock in transit, portable hand tools, new vehicle concession, customers’ contents and replacement of locks.
  • Business Interruption Insurance
    Should your premises be damaged, then this will cover loss of profits, costs of setting up a temporary location and any money owed to you.
  • Loss Of Money
    Covers loss of money while in transit, on your premises, at the home of an employee or being stored in a bank night safe.
  • Personal Accident
    Provides compensation should you suffer an injury or die during a theft.
  • Employer Liability
    A UK legal requirement covering injury and illness claims made by employees, as well as unpaid and contracted staff as a result of doing their job.
  • Public Liability
    Protecting your business against claims of injury, damage or loss made by members of the public. This extends to leased and rented premises too.
  • Life is not predictable, so don’t leave things to chance. Ensure your business is fully-protected with motor trade insurance policy from JonSimon Insurance. From discussing necessary cover to helping you with claims and compensation, we’ll be there every step of the way.

    Let’s get things moving. Feel free to pop into our office for a constructive chat about your requirements. You can reach us on 0161 327 0744 too.

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